Historic Buildings & Landscapes

Historic Buildings & Landscapes

The Wolfson Foundation has a strong interest in helping to conserve the country's architectural heritage, including monuments and landscapes where these are of significant historical and cultural interest.

We aim to support excellence in this area, defined in this context primarily by the historic and architectural significance of the building, but also by the work of the organisation managing the building (including interpretation and public engagement with the history of the site/building). Grants are generally made toward the conservation of the building, monument or landscape. Where the building or site is of national significance we may include the funding of educational or interpretation spaces.

We fund organisations demonstrating excellence in its work to protect and preserve historic buildings and landscapes, with the aim of producing the following outcomes:

  1. Conservation of buildings listed grade I or II* in need of repair
  2. Excellent interpretation of historic buildings, landscapes and collections
  3. Increased numbers of visitors to historic sites 
  4. Better public engagement with and understanding of sites of historical and cultural significance
  5. Improved future sustainability of organisations


Capital projects may be eligible where:

  1. They include restoration or conservation work to the historic fabric of buildings that are listed either Grade I or II*
  2. The building is accessible to the public for the majority of the year

Support is also given, on occasion, to landscapes and gardens where these are of exceptional historic significance.


Buildings or sites held in private ownership are generally not eligible. A full list of exclusions can be found here.

Applications for the main historic buildings programme can be made via the link to the right.

We have specific, targeted programmes for Anglican churches. Where places of worship are not Anglican, but meet the standard eligibility criteria above, they can be considered within the main programme.

We have also worked with the National Trust to fund refurbishment of many of the exceptional buildings in their care.


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