Health and Disability

Health and Disability

The Wolfson Foundation funds new buildings, refurbishments and equipment for a range of organisations delivering excellent care and support. This funding tends to focus on enhancing care, providing better opportunities and improving quality of life. The Foundation has awarded over £35 million to more than 200 different organisations over the last ten years.

The Foundation’s funding in this area is focussed on three themes:

  1. Palliative Care and Hospices
  2. Older People
  3. Transitions and Independence

The size of these grants varies from around £15,000 to £100,000. Larger grants are given to key, strategic projects deemed ambitious and well thought-out, with a clear long-term focus. Charities are encouraged not to apply more than once every five years. Match funding is required for projects over £50,000. 

We do not provide funding for clinical care which might be considered the proper responsibility of the National Health Service (e.g. refurbishment of hospital wards or other facilities, or provision of surgical equipment).

We encourage applications from all parts of the UK, especially regions that have few alternative sources of funding.

National organisations with a federated or membership structure are asked to contact the main fundraising team for the overall organisation if they are considering the Wolfson Foundation as a funding source.


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