Transitions and Independence

Transitions and Independence

Throughout its history the Wolfson Foundation has not only funded medical research but has also made awards for people with particular health needs, often through smaller charities doing excellent work in a specific local community.

The Foundation’s focus in this area is currently on supporting capital projects which encourage independence, as far as is possible, for people with disabilities or for those with a mental illness. We are particularly interested in capital projects which focus on training, employment and supported housing and especially when the project aids the transition from children’s services to adults’ services.

Grants are awarded towards new buildings, refurbishments and equipment, with the aim of producing the following outcomes:

  1. Increased access to services for new and existing users
  2. Improved quality and range of services
  3. Improved financial stability of the organisation

We are particularly keen to hear from organisations who, because of the nature of their work, may struggle to raise funds from the general public.

Special schools and colleges are eligible to apply under this funding programme if their project is focussed towards helping pupils to develop skills which would help them to gain employment or live independently after leaving school or college.

Successful grant applications generally have identified gaps in local provision or made an attempt to meet increasing demand on services. Careful regard for the sustainability of the project is also important.


A full list of exclusions is available here.

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