Science and Medicine Awards (June 2015)

Science and Medicine Awards (June 2015)

The following grants were awarded by the Wolfson Foundation in June 2015. 

For news of other grants awarded in June, please go to the relevant joint programme announcements, or to the funding pages of our other main grant areas, Arts & Humanities, Health & Disability and Secondary Education. Grants are awarded in each area in June and December every year.

A full list of all grants awarded in 2015 is available on our Grant Data page.

Scientific Research Infrastructure        

University of Oxford (£1,900,000)
Centre for Quantum Science and Technology

Newcastle University (£1,500,000)
Centre for Childhood Cancer

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (£500,000)
Centre for Environmental Single Cell Genomics

University of Southampton (£480,000)
Immunomonitoring laboratories at Centre for Cancer Immunology

University of Birmingham (£268,000)
Genomics equipment for Stratified Medicine Laboratory in the Institute of Translational Medicine

Science & Medical Education and Learned Societies

Science Museum, SW7 (£1,174,000)
Collections Showcase within the new Medicine Galleries

Coventry University (£130,000)
Equipment for nursing courses in new Science and Health Building

Open University, Milton Keynes (£101,000)   
Immersive 3D environmental experiments for the OpenScience Laboratory