Science & Medicine Awards (December 2012)

Science & Medicine Awards (December 2012)

The following grants were awarded by the Wolfson Foundation in December 2012.

For news of other grants awarded in December, please go to the relevant joint programme announcements, or to the funding pages of our other main grant areas, Arts & Humanities, Health & Disability and Secondary Education. Grants are awarded in each area in June and December every year.

Biomedical Research 

Cancer Research UK, EC1 (£3,000,000)

Named high-throughput screening area in the Francis Crick Institute  

Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel (£2,000,000)

Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine

University of Glasgow (£800,000)

Imaging facility in Clinical Research Facility at new South Glasgow Hospital

University of Reading (£200,000)
Human Imaging Suite in new centre for Cardiovascular Imaging

Royal Veterinary College, Hatfield, Hertfordshire (£100,000)
Extension to the Structure and Motion Laboratory

Medical Education and Learned Societies

Newham University Hospitals, E13  (£200,000)
Education/study facilities in new medical and dental student building

Science Education and Research

Queen Mary, University of London  (£100,000)
Creation of the Neuron 'Pod' at Centre for the Cell                      

University of Nottingham  (£100,000)
New Rhizosphere X-ray Imaging Facility


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