Science & Medicine Awards (December 2016)

Science and Medicine Awards (December 2016)

The following grants were awarded by the Wolfson Foundation in December 2016.  You can also see an interactive map showing where each grant has been awarded by clicking on the image below, and using the drop down menu on the left of the map to refine your search.
For news of other grants awarded, please go to the funding pages for our other main grant areas, Arts & Humanities, Health & Disability and Secondary Education

Scientific Research Infrastructure 

University of Warwick (£2,000,000)
Mathematical Sciences Building (news item)

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, WC1 (£1,500,000)
Good Manufacturing Practice facility in new Zayed Centre for Research Into Rare Disease in Children 

University of Leeds (£1,000,000)
Centre for Applied Health Research 

University of Cambridge (£750,000)
Heart and Lung Research Institute

Cardiff University (£750,000)
Electron Microscopy Facility

University of Bath (£500,000)
Milner Centre for Evolution

University of Brighton (£500,000)
Automotive Engineering Building (news item)

University College London (£330,000)
Mass spectrometer

Anna Freud Centre, NW3 (£325,000)
Centre for Child Development

Science Education

University of Manchester (£500,000)
Jodrell Bank refurbishment      

Eden Project, Cornwall (£150,000)
Refurbishment of Core building