Public Engagement with Science

Public Engagement with Science

The Foundation's interest in engaging the public in science complements its funding of scientific research infrastructure.

Science plays a central role in modern life, and informed public debate on scientific issues is only possible if society has an adequate understanding of basic scientific principles. The Foundation therefore supports science engagement through public visitor attractions. We support institutions conducting high quality scientific research or in possession of important scientific collections to engage with the public. Support is also provided for learned societies providing public engagement activities within their field. 

Grants are awarded towards new buildings, refurbishments and equipment with the aim of producing the following outcomes:

  1. Increased numbers of visitors and engagement of new audiences
  2. Improved educational experience and understanding of science
  3. Improved financial stability of the organisation

Eligible projects must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Within a higher education context, focus on key current scientific issues;
  2. Enable interpretation of historic scientific artefacts within designated collections (see also information on our museums funding);
  3. Focus on the science underpinning the natural world (e.g. botanic gardens). Projects in this area must be from organisations that have a rigorous research element to their work.


 A full list of exclusions can be found here.

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