Grant holders

You will have received a letter detailing your award and any associated conditions. You must sign and return the Award Acceptance form and cover letter (which should include the information stated in the Grant Conditions leaflet) and this should be done as soon as possible after receipt of the offer.

The grant should be claimed within the time period indicated in your Letter of Award. Please note that grants which are not claimed within the agreed time may be withdrawn, unless a formal request to extend this period has been agreed.

Progress reports are a condition of the grant and should reach us by 30 April and 31 October each year until the grant is fully claimed. Thereafter, we would like to receive brief updates when milestones are reached and when the project is completed.

Grants can be claimed once the element of the project that we are funding has been carried out, even if the main project is still ongoing. Please click here for information on how to claim your grant.

We are happy for our grant to be associated with your project and would like it to be acknowledged appropriately. Please click here for information on press and publicity.