Final Report

Final Report

The final report is a condition of the grant and should reach us no later than one year from the date of project completion. 

You may either report using our Final Report form or by including the following information in a brief document:

  1. A short description of the project, with particular reference to the element that our grant was awarded for. Please give some brief notes on the completion of the capital works, including any significant changes and end dates (e.g. date of building completion or opening date).

  2. The total final cost of the project, and a breakdown of total funds raised (including those committed by the organisation).

  3. A brief outline of the outcomes of the project, particularly in relation to its original stated aims and including any challenges or changes to the project.

  4. Digital images illustrating the completed project, where relevant. Please inform us if you are happy for these pictures to appear on our website, in publications or on social media.

Please either email your final report to the relevant Programme Manager or post to:

The Wolfson Foundation
8 Queen Anne Street
London W1G 9LD