How to claim

How to claim

Grants can be claimed (in arrears) once the element of the project that we are funding has been carried out, even if the main project is still ongoing.

We make grant payments at the end of every month, except in August, when no payments are made. If you send us your claim documents by the middle of the month, we shall try to release your grant in the same month. Please note that payment is never guaranteed for a particular month and after your documents have been checked by our office, they need to be approved by our auditors and Trustees before the grant can be released.

Grant-holders are asked to agree their claim dates with us upon accepting the offer of a grant, and these mutually agreed dates should be followed as far as is practicably possible. Any change to agreed payment schedules must be approved by us.

To claim your grant, please send us the following:

1. Copies of paid invoices or architect's certificates that equal or exceed the value of the grant, excluding ineligible costs (see important notes below). These should refer to work carried out or equipment ordered after the date of the award (If these are not in English, they should be certified in English by an independent auditor)

2. A covering letter which 

a. confirms that the funds for the project or phase presented in the application are all pledged. If fundraising is ongoing, the letter should briefly state how funds are expected to be secured to ensure that the project will go ahead as stated in the application.

b. confirms that work/equipment to the value of the grant was completed/ordered after the date of the award

c. explains how any enclosures (e.g. invoices) relate to the original application and confirms that they have been paid. We appreciate that, particularly for major capital projects, the architects' certificates/invoices may not specifically refer to the element of the project funded by the Wolfson Foundation, so a simple explanation in the cover letter is helpful.

d. acknowledges that, where eligible expenditure does not meet or exceed the value of the grant, any remaining amount of the grant will be relinquished
3. A photocopy of a paying in slip or other bank document showing details of the bank account into which the grant is to be paid, which should include all of the following: account name, account number, sort code, bank name and address. The bank account should, unless agreed otherwise, belong to the organisation in receipt of the grant.

4. The name, telephone number and email address of the person we should contact if we have a query about your claim.

Important Notes

  • Overheads, administrative costs, VAT, professional fees and delivery costs cannot be met from a Wolfson grant. Additionally, we are unlikely to release a grant against enabling or demolition works.
  •  Payment will normally be made to a UK registered organisation with charitable status.
  • The grant should be claimed within the time period indicated in your Letter of Award. Please note that grants which are not claimed within the agreed time may be withdrawn, unless a formal request to extend the period has been agreed.