Our Brand Guidelines have been developed to provide anyone using the Wolfson Foundation logotype with clear guidelines on how the brand identity can be used. Please read them carefully to ensure they are applied correctly and consistently. 

The recommended minimum size for the logotype is 30mm width. It is important that the logotype is surrounded by an area of clear space and is not obscured or crowded by other elements. The logo should never be recreated or altered in any way. Please only use the digital artwork that is supplied below.

Our logo is available in four colourways:

Colour reversed out

Colour reverse EPS

Colour reverse AI

Colour JPEG

Positive colour version (for use on white/light backgrounds)

Positive EPS

Positive AI

Positive JPEG

Greyscale (these should only be used where the colour version cannot be used (for example there is only one colour printing available))

Greyscale reverse EPS

Greyscale reverse AI

Greyscale positive EPS

Greyscale positive AI


For assistance, please contact the Communications team at the Wolfson Foundation on 020 7323 5730.