Progress Reports

Progress Reports

Progress reports are a condition of the grant and should reach us by 30 April and 31 October each year until the grant is fully claimed. These short reports help us to understand how the project that we’ve funded is progressing, keep us updated on when you expect to claim the grant and is part of our due diligence process.  After your grant has been fully claimed, we would like to receive brief updates when milestones are reached, and a Final Report no later than one year from the date of project completion.  These final reports help us with the evaluation of our funding programmes and are intended to be light touch rather than burdensome.

Grants that are not claimed within their allotted time may be withdrawn, particularly if you have not submitted progress reports.

You may either report using our 6 Month Progress Report form or by including the following information in a brief document:

  1. A short description of the stage that your project has reached, with particular reference to the element that our grant was awarded for. (Building projects should state whether they are running to schedule; equipment projects should state when the equipment is likely to be delivered and installed.)

  2. A brief timeline for the project, including anticipated completion date.

  3. Estimated date(s) of claim for the grant, referring to previously agreed schedules.

  4. The contact details of the main contact for this project, in case of query.

Please either email your progress reports to the relevant Programme Manager or post to:

The Wolfson Foundation
8 Queen Anne Street
London W1G 9LD