Information for Publishers

2017 Prize: Information for Publishers

Submissions for the Wolfson History Prize 2017 are now closed. 
The shortlist will be announced in April 2017. The overall winner will be announced in May 2017.

In order to qualify for consideration for the 2017 Prize, a book must be published in the United Kingdom within the calendar year of 2016. The author must be normally resident in the UK during the year of publication and should not be a previous winner of the Wolfson History Prize. Books should be readable, scholarly and accessible to the lay reader.

Publishers will be contacted in summer 2016 and invited to submit their 2016 catalogue(s) for consideration by the judges.

Any publishers who have not already been invited to submit their catalogues, but would like them to be considered for the Prize, should in the first instance contact the Wolfson Foundation office.

On receipt of catalogues, the judges will select books to be considered. Publishers will then be contacted and asked to submit selected titles.

Please do not send any catalogues or books unless requested to do so by the Wolfson Foundation office.

All requested catalogues should be received by 31 October 2016.

All selected books should be received by 31 December 2016.